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Carpet Care

Vacuum Weekly

Try to vacuum at least once a week to prevent dirt and debris from becoming embedded in the carpet fibers.


You may need to vacuum twice a week in areas with heavy traffic. Note that the type of vacuum you use and how you use it makes a big difference.


For example, use the highest setting on the head of your vacuum to avoid damaging the ends of the carpet fibers. 

Clean Spills Immediately 

The longer a stain sits on carpeting, the harder it is to get out.


Remove as much of the spill as Scoop or blot the spill to remove as much of it as possible, then add a small amount of water and blot with a towel.


Use a stain remover only when necessary, making sure that it is approved for your type of carpet fiber. Avoid scrubbing the fibers in all instances. 

Professionally Clean Every Two Years

For the best results, get on a cleaning schedule with a carpet cleaning company.


These professionals have the right equipment to properly clean and protect your carpet.


Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning every 18 to 24 months to prolong carpet life. 

Additional Tips


  • Don't track dirt inside, but vacuum immediately if it happens.

  • Move your furniture around occasionally to prevent indentations.

  • Check area rugs for colorfastness because some rugs may bleed onto the carpet.

  • Try to reduce periods of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

  • Use white paper or cloth towels when blotting spills.

  • When addressing spills, soak up additional moisture by weighing down several towels over the wet area.

  • Steam cleaners are recommended for deep cleaning

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