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Carpet FAQ

Is there any way to treat the floor against odors or germs?

The subfloor can be cleaned after the current flooring is removed and before the new carpet is installed.


Odors can be dealt with in the same way. You can also select padding that has antimicrobial and odor defense properties to go underneath the new carpet.

Are there any carpets I should consider if I have pets?

Carpeting made from nylon fibers is popular for homes with pets and kids.


Choosing padding that has antimicrobial and odor defense properties will also be helpful for homeowners with pets.

Can carpet be installed in my basement?

Yes, as long as the basement is finished and is not prone to flooding. On a cold, hard basement floor, a soft pad is essential for comfort and warmth. A polyurethane foam pad will be your best option.

Can carpet be installed over radiant heat?

Installing carpet over radiant heat floors requires that the carpet is glued down instead of being nailed into place.


For that to work, there must not be any paint on the floor along the perimeter of the room.


If you have radiant heat, you will want to select either a rubber padding or memory foam padding to allow the heat to transfer through as efficiently as possible.

How do I reduce static electricity?

Low humidity causes static to build up in your carpet so you may want to consider adding a humidifier to your home. 

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