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Will my pet’s nails scratch vinyl flooring?

LVP has a wear layer that protects the flooring from scratches, but you can get a thicker wear layer to be on the safe side.


Over time, scratches can occur, so keep the dog’s nails trimmed to help lessen the number of scratches.

Can I put heavy appliances down directly on my vinyl floors?

Yes! Use felt furniture pads under legs to prevent scratches on the wear layer. Never use rubber pads as they will stain vinyl flooring.


You can also put most vinyl flooring under kitchen cabinets and appliances, but it is best to glue down those sections of the flooring.

Do I need a protector on my vinyl floor for my rolling desk chair?

Although LVP flooring has a durable wear layer, it is always a good idea to use a mat under desk chairs and other rolling furniture. Over time, rolling furniture might cause some wear and tear.

Can I put vinyl flooring in my basement?

Waterproof LVP flooring can be used in basements as it can be installed in moisture-prone areas.

Can I put vinyl flooring outdoors?

LVP is not recommended for outside or semi-outside areas. UV rays can cause fading, and constant exposure to weather conditions will damage the flooring over time. 

Will vinyl flooring expand?

Quality LVP brands will not expand and contract like other flooring types unless under extreme conditions.

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