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Choosing Laminate

There are a ton of laminate flooring options, but having lots of options means serious decision making.


Harper’s Floor Covering, Inc. professionals will help you make calculated decisions based on your intended use, design preferences, and budget.

Please see below for factors you should consider when selecting your laminate planks.


Laminate flooring typically comes in 7 mm to 12 mm thicknesses. Keep in mind that all laminates provide a similar level of dent resistance.


Thicker planks are best for uneven areas in your subfloor because they are more resistant to bending.

The Harper’s Floor Covering, Inc. team will help you select the plank thickness that best suits your subfloor.


Laminate planks range from less than 5 in to 7+ in wide. Plank width is more important than it seems. 

Wide widths can complement a large room, but they can sometimes overwhelm a small area.


Like in deciding plank thickness, consider the area you are covering. If it is uneven, thinner planks will better fit the surface. 


There are so many different colors, wood patterns, textures, and shades to choose from.


When it comes to designs, you can choose from a seemingly endless list, including cherry, chestnut, hickory, maple, oak, pine and walnut.


Laminate flooring is often chosen for its affordability, but many people don’t realize that quality still matters in affordable flooring.


The Harper’s Floor Covering, Inc. team will match you with quality brands that fit your budget.  

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